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Re: [IP] Do we have to call it a pump?

At 01:13 AM 11/7/98 Greg Felton wrote: 
>     (Not that this really matters, but here goes:)
>     I dislike calling this 507C a "pump." Acquaintances
> imagine a bulky bicycle air pump or something bigger until I
> show them the device that they thought was a pager. "Pump"
> doesn't accurately describe what the device does. I feel like
> a real invalid when I think that I am using a "pump," as if I
> have an artificial heart or an iron lung--machines that
> actually do some pumping. 
>     My question is: in this world full of euphemisms, why
> can't someone come up with a better word for the pump. We are
> already using vague terms like "infusion set," and "insertion
> site" and other things that sound like software engineering
> terms. But the same folks who call their "insertion sets"
> names like "Comfort," "Rapid," "Silhouette," and "Sof-Set"
> still say they manufacture "pumps." I would think that
> Disetronic or MiniMed would be interested in a new name,
> because "pump" is a word that doesn't make me think of
> something compact, lightweight and easy-to-use. Look at the
> logo on this website; it features an oil rig attached to a
> syringe. Oddly enough, that is just about what I imagined when
> I first heard of the insulin pump.
>     A short, simple and descriptive word might be more
> appropriate. But I can't think of one! My insurance company
> favors "insulin delivery device" or "IDD." But that is too
> lengthy, and the acronym sounds a little too Freudian. Any
> suggestions? The pump is like having one of those garden
> "seeper" hoses, or a percolating coffee maker. Hmm...I don't
> think "seeper" or "insulin dripper" sounds much better. Rather
> than a pump, I like to think of it as a "pocket pancreas."
> Maybe "Humalog Helper."
>     Any suggestions?   

Pump is short, simple and descriptive... I think that's why we
use it. Besides that's exactly what it's called on the back of
my MM507 ("Insulin Pump"). However, if you just want to make it
sound more impressive, how about: 

Mobile Insulin Delivery Infuser (MIDI)
Primary Infusion Medical Enabling Device (PIMED)
Insulin Pusher Gizmo for Infusion Sets (IPGIS)
Pressure Operated Portable System (POPS)
Portable Infernal Device for those Lacking Insulin (PIDLI)
who is an ICI (Insulin Challenged Individual)

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/