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New to the group? was: Re: [IP] Re:Michael and Sam

At 12:10 PM 11/6/98 -0800, Sam wrote:

>Hey, that's what the group is all about. Once you become an
>experienced pumper, you can chime in with your 2 cents too. All
>our experiences are valuable.
There's no need to wait - chime in now :-) Everyone's feedback is vitally
important to the group - it's what makes this forum so valuable.

Without waxing poetic here, you're "experienced" from the minute you start
thinking about pumping - that's when the whole process starts. We've all
"been there, done that". As Sam said, all our experiences are important.
So, step right in here - ask some questions, share where you've been, where
you'd like to go. It's always a story worth telling :-)

Bob Burnett

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