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No Subject

Other sites? Well, I have used my flanks, just below my trapezius muscle. It doesn't hurt going in, and the area doesn't move or twist around as much as the abdomen. I have also used my "upper hip" area. Yeah, that was the place with the most fat. High up on the rear end---so I could still sit down--was really a pretty good place for me.
    My doctor, a diabetic who uses a pump, prefers placing the site on his shoulder. I have yet to see how the hell he does that with just two hands. I have tried shots in the lower back and shoulder, so I wouldn't mind trying a site there. But I would have to get my wife or someone to place it and check it and disconnect me each time I wanted to shower, etc. It's not worth the hassle.
    So the leg works out ok? Good luck to you and your site-searching.