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[IP] Re: Compulsive measuring

A BIG word of caution about using the labels blindly.  I
have found several cases where the label serving size does
not come close to the actual serving size.  An example is: 
Serving size 1 bagel (60 gm) on a package where the bagels
each weighed between 130-150 gm.  I have more faith in using
this to get the carb ratio, and then weighing the serving
and calculating from there.

By the way, I exclusively use carb ratios.


Hi Linda,
I work with weights and volume for a living, being a
proffesional baker. =
 Since most of my meals at home are ussually very simple I
usually use =
the Carb info on the packaging.  I also use an ADA Exchange
List that has=
 the carb equivelents.  As for scales, I have a really good
one that I =
got with Betty Crocker Box Tops, no kidding.
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