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[IP] Re: Compulsive measuring


I am in the compulsive category.  (Likely in more than just
measuring.)  Anyway, I bought a gram scale from Edmunds
Scientific (http://www.edsci.com/) for $125 (lists for $150,
but frequently on sale.)  It works up to 2 kg at 1 gm
precision.  It was a higher quality and better value than
the high priced food scale I bought when I started this
program.  Anyway the part # is V33-066.

The other thing that I believe was a good investment is a
food database program.  I bought Food Smart
(http://www.food-smart.com/), but there are others that do
as well.  Like many books, this will list the nutritional
content of most foods and will enable you to input a recipe
and calculate the composite content.  I use this to expand
the original list of carbohydrate values that I copied from
Pumping Insulin.  If you'd like a copy of my list as a place
to start, email me privately.


email @ redacted

Contrary to other posts about enjoying departures from the
old diets, I wi=
my new pump seem to be (perhaps a little compulsively)
getting a bit more
rigid as I try to make it give me better control.  I=92ve
been sitting her=
e with
the Diabetes Mall catalog considering buying the (very
expensive) Soehnle =
scale with computerized carb contents, and wondered what
experiences other=
have had with this sort of thing.  I have been using my old
scale quite a =
but mostly I measure by volume.   My only info on carb
factors is from Pum=

Linda Zottoli
diag. 1955 at age 8
pumping since Oct 22
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/