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Re: [IP] Pump Supplies in Canada


I buy from the MiniMed rep here in Vancouver.  My last price list quotes:

Syringes        $65 for 24
Sof-set         $225 for 24
QR              $145 for 12
Silhouette      $105 for 10 caths/5 tubing
batteries       $30 for 9

I have never had a problem and I often get things the same or next day.  He
usually comes by and drops it off.  I started to order via my pharmacy
because then it was automatically paid for by BC medical insurance but that
can take a couple of weeks to get a box of syringes (and I generally forget
to order until I am really low on supplies).

type 1, 19 years
pump, almost 14 years

>I purchase my pump supplies from Farrell Medical in Calgary. I use
>Shillouettes. A box of 10 set and 5 tubes is $130. They charge $10 for
>shipping on orders under $500. Batteries are $32 for a card of 9. I haven't
>bought any syringes yet as I got a whole slug of them when I got my pump in
>July 97.  The Minmed home page lists their suppliers in Canada. -
>minimized.com You might want to try looking at that as an alternative source
>of supply. I can say that Farrell Medical have been good to deal with.
>Gary Marlin

email @ redacted                             Vancouver, BC, Canada

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