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Re: [IP] Clogged tubing question

> John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:
> My 9 year old has been pumping with a Disetronic 2 mos, & we had our first
> clogged tube (I think), wanted to learn something from you veterans.  She was
> high after lunch, and got higher with a high sugar bolus.  Just above the
> connector where the tubing joins to the cartridge, the tubing looked white.
> She disconnected, we primed, and insulin came out the needle, so we
> reconnected and rebolused.  1 hour later, no improvement, so we changed tubing
> and rebolused, and everything got fine.  Does the white look mean there's at
> least a partial clog, even if insulin still comes out? 

Thing is the inner coating layer in the tubing sometimes breaks free, especially
where it's been twisted or bent too hard or repeatedly. This doesn't necessarily 
clog the hose totally, but CAN move when the pump is trying to push against
as when connected to her body. It will swing into the center of the tube from
wall and cause slow delivery without necessarily setting off the pressure
Best thing to do is to replace the hose as soon as she can.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Type 1 for 42+ years, MiniMed 506 for almost 5

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