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[IP] Re: FEHB plans

> Please let me know what Insurance Company you are with, as it is open season
> for the Government employees, and they are trying to find the best insurance
> companies..

GEHA, GEHA, GEHA...They did give us a hard time before approving the
pump for Kayla, but they finally caved.  Have had no problems with
claims, they are paid quickly, $10.00 office co-pay, and 100% hospital,
95% misc. in-hospital for PPO.  Something around 75 - 80% out of
network.  Mail-order Rx has a steep co-pay ($25.00 per Rx), but that's
the only drawback I've found. $10,000 max lifetime DME will have us
switching in a year or 2 since pump supplies fall under DME.  But
they've been a lifesaver this past year with 3 hospitalizations!  Over
$10,000 total cost and we paid less than $200 out of pocket.

GEHA is Government Employees Hospital Association.  About $50 every 2
weeks for family w/ gov't paying balance.  Large PPO network. 
1.800.821.6136 for info.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/