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Re: [IP] apples and bananas...

Wayne wrote:

<< Mary Jean, you're right about having to know CHO values by weight or
 volume, but sometimes those are hard to find.  I've got a shelf full of
 rarely opened nutrition pamphlets.  I'm still trying to figure out most
 fruits, e.g., weighing a banana doesn't help unless you've already peeled
 it. >>

Wayne, I'm right in step with you here!  Fresh fruits are, by far, the hardest
for me to figure out, but they are so important.  My "nutribase" book does
carbs for unpeeled bananas.  1 lb has 69.1 carbs.  I don't typically eat a
of bananas <vbg>, so I divided by 16 and got 4.3 carbs per ounce.  This book 
lists carbs for a variety of raw ingredients, in various forms, and
increments; you
might want to check it out.  My copy only cost $5.95 two years ago.

<< And some varieties of apple have more or less water content.  The
 bottom line for me is usually trial and error.  I look at an apple and say,
 hmm that looks medium to me, and I know from the last time that I needed
 2.5 U to handle that.  BUT since volume of round things vary with the cube
 of the diamter (remember geometry--volume of a sphere equals Pi/6 times D
 cubed),  the volume and thus number of CHO in a 3 in diameter apple is
 almost double that in a 2 1/2 inch apple.   So a book is not much use
 here--a scale is the only way to deal with this, but I wish there were a
 pocket scale that would be easy to carry in my wallet :-)  >>

Once again, you are right on.  That's why I almost never eat an apple the 
way it is demonstrated in those denture adhesive ads <vbg>.  I always quarter 
and core it, then weigh the part I'm going to eat, write myself a note, and
it in my lunchbox.  Yes, the sugar content does vary quite a bit, but I
usually stick
to the more tart apples (we have a Jonathon / red delicious cross tree in our
backyard that is GREAT!)  It is a matter of trial and error, and a bit of

Maybe we could hire the guy in the James Bond movies ("Q") to develop a pocket
scale for us!

 who likes to "eat, eat, eat apples and bananas....
				I like to  "eat, eat, eat ohplles and banonos..." etc.
(remember that kids' song???) 8~)
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