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Re: [IP] Re:VCard- VCD

At 12:21 AM 11/6/98  Darrin Parker wrote:
>>At 04:29 PM 11/5/98  email @ redacted wrote:
>>mail. It's just text...
>...but it is a nuisance to those like me who use old fashioned 
>but reliable
>email programs which are based on text.  The VCard file is 
>handled as an
>extension and after reading the email we have to go delete them

>from our
>If not imperative it would be appreciated if these VCard files 
>were not used.

Many email programs can be set up to automatically delete
attachments when the message is deleted. You may want to check
to see if this is an option with your mail reader. Otherwise,
you are right... this added step is a pain.


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