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RE: [IP] Running on empty!!!

At 07:44 AM 11/6/98  Wilson, Carol wrote:
>Hi Listmates...I've gotten myself into a predicament <G>.  I'm 
>almost out of
>insulin in my pump cartridge here at work and have no spare.  I

>do have a
>bottle of Humulog with me and a syringe.  I'm 40 miles from
>and can't
>leave work and I don't want this thing alarming every few 
>minutes.  Can I
>add insulin to the pump syringe via a regular needle.  I was 
>thinking I
>could remove the infusion set and inject the insulin into the 
>cartridge and
>then re-insert the set.  I'm so confused as this is the very 
>first alarm
>I've gotten in nearly 6 weeks.  I somehow miscalculated the 
>insulin I'd need
>to cover me until I get home tonight.  

For future reference... many folks carry an emergency kit with
them for this very reason. You might want to have insulin, a
complete set change, batteries, and some needles (just in case
you must inject the old fashined way). 


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