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Re: [IP] Re: IP Make me laugh

> That's bad but I just found out after following advice I got on the list to
> push my insurance to cover my strips that I should have been submitting them
> on claim forms for the last 3 years for application to my deductible and for
> reimbursement!  I have asked and asked and they have never told me this
> before.  Needless to say I just sent them this year's worth but they said I
> couldn't send any from prior to 1/1/98.  I am angry!  Anyway just venting
> too. . .
Ahhh.... don't give up so easily. All insurance companies are 
required by law to have an appeals process. Dig up everything you 
have for the last three years and submit them. Explain in your letter 
that you have asked and asked, etc.... and you finally got the 
answer. Delays caused by them delay the expiration clause in the 
contact. They can not refuse you the information then claim you 
waited too long. Use the appeal procedure then got the state 
insurance office and try there if the appeals process does not work. 
Make sure that they know you mean business.

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