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RE: [IP] Running on empty!!!

> Hi Listmates...I've gotten myself into a predicament <G>.  I'm almost out of
> insulin in my pump cartridge here at work and have no spare.  I do have a
> bottle of Humulog with me and a syringe.  I'm 40 miles from home and can't
> leave work and I don't want this thing alarming every few minutes.  Can I
> add insulin to the pump syringe via a regular needle.  I was thinking I
> could remove the infusion set and inject the insulin into the cartridge and
> then re-insert the set.  I'm so confused as this is the very first alarm
> I've gotten in nearly 6 weeks.  I somehow miscalculated the insulin I'd need
> to cover me until I get home tonight.  

Yes, you can do what you described, but there will probably be a big 
bubble in the line which you will eventually have to disconnect and 
bolus out when it gets close to the end.

Or, you can just draw some air back into the syringe and let the pump 
push the insulin already in the line through to you. If you don't 
need more than 15-20 units between now and then you should be just 
fine with this trick. Make sure the pump tightens the drive mechanism 
before reconnecting your line after putting either air of insulin in 
the pump. Don't forget to disconnect YOU while you do this.

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