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Re: [IP] Clogged tubing question

>, the tubing looked white.  S
>.  Does the white look mean there's at least a  partial clog, even 
> if insulin still comes out? 

Couple of things here. The tubing is a multi-layer thing. If it has 
slight damage, such a bend or crimp, it can still function fine but 
the white color will show the area that has separated slightly. There 
is no harm in this, but it does show up.  Secondly, if insulin 
crystalizes in the line, it will show up as a white flake or gunky 
looking stuff. In the four years that Lily has pumped, I can only 
recall seeing it maybe twice. If this happens, junk the tube and 
replace it.  The lack of alarm is because the tube still allows some 
insulin to seep by, thus allowing the drive mechanisim of the pump to 
still deliver insulin and thus to not sense an ever increasing 
pressure in the tube (the pressure bleeds off in this case). This 
scenario is probably the least likely, but the most problematical. 
When doubt, take it out!

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