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[IP] Clogged tubing question

My 9 year old has been pumping with a Disetronic 2 mos, & we had our first clogged tube (I think), wanted to learn something from you veterans.  She was high after lunch, and got higher with a high sugar bolus.  Just above the connector where the tubing joins to the cartridge, the tubing looked white.  She disconnected, we primed, and insulin came out the needle, so we reconnected and rebolused.  1 hour later, no improvement, so we changed tubing and rebolused, and everything got fine.  Does the white look mean there's at least a partial clog, even if insulin still comes out? Why didn't we get an alarm (between the boluses and the priming, I figure we programmed for at least 7-8 units of insulin).  How much insulin do you have to not get before you get an alarm?  Thanks for your help.
Nancy Morgan
mother of Jenna, 9 years old