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[IP] Re: IP Make me laugh

 Carol wrote:

"Sara wrote: ...can we talk about how much I HATE MY INSURANCE
COMPANY...no...we won't..

Fine by me Sara...I also HATE my insurance company....I don't think
they've ever heard of "customer service" or maybe they've heard of it but
don't know what it means!  Every time I call them I get the run around and
they are so slow paying claims.  I'm out of pocket a lot of money for test
strips and they owe me for July, August, Sept. and now October!"

That's bad but I just found out after following advice I got on the list to
push my insurance to cover my strips that I should have been submitting them
on claim forms for the last 3 years for application to my deductible and for
reimbursement!  I have asked and asked and they have never told me this
before.  Needless to say I just sent them this year's worth but they said I
couldn't send any from prior to 1/1/98.  I am angry!  Anyway just venting
too. . .


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