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Re: [IP] MiM 507 wanted

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Eddie Hart (and Tony Milne) wrote:

> Just in case someone somewhere has a spare 507 lying around gathering dust
> after their nice insurance company upgraded them to a snappy new 507C.  I am
> on the look out for a cheap(ish) pump to buy, love and cherish.  I don't
> know if insurance companies in your part of the world(wherever you may be
> reading this) are that nice/good/stupid but just in case, the pumps over
> here (in New Zealand) are prohibitively high (as are the consumables - I
> could probably cope though).
> BTW my private email is email @ redacted (guess it's not private now!) if
> you'd prefer to contact me directly.
> Fingers and toes crossed.

Make sure and ask both pump companies about special programs. They do 
accomodate some payment plans, etc.. Also, don't turn you nose up at a 
used 506, functionally they are almost identical to a 507 and work very 
well. I have no experience with the Disetronic models, but I would assume 
the older models are equally reliable. You may be able to purchase a 
refurbished older model from one of the mfgs or pick up a 'dead' one from 
a user that the factory will re-furb for a modest sum.

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