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Re: [IP] Re: Compulsive measuring

It's more accurate to go by every 100 calories and then slant for carbs or protein
or fat than it is to use exchanges (I found out the hard way and that was long
before carb counting was being used).  Exchanges are very uneven.  Carbs are the
easiest thing to use. You will get good at guessing many of those with time just
as you once got good at guessing exchanges.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I wrote :            've been sitting here with
> > the Diabetes Mall catalog considering buying the (very expensive) Soehnle
> gram
> > scale with computerized carb contents, and wondered what experiences others
> > have had with this sort of thing.  I have been using my old scale quite a
> bit,
> > but mostly I measure by volume.   My only info on carb factors is from
> Pumping
> > Insulin.
> >
> Michael responded it (the scale) was not worth it, but I wonder if anyone has
> actually tried it, or if there are others they have tried.  Michael, do you
> know particularly that the Soehnle scale is not so accurate?  I thought it was
> supposed to be a very good brand.  And does the book your daughter uses
> (Exchanges for All Occasions) actually have carb factors or is it just the ADA
> exchanges (which generally are not as accurate)?  How many people on this list
> actually use carb factors?
> Linda Zottoli
> Linda Zottoli
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