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Re: [IP] pump advocate (aren't we all)

Okay, I just had to respond about being a pump advocate.  Most of you
know my daughter Kayla (age 5) began pumping in June.  (For all you new
people, hello and welcome and be forewarned I'm gonna harass you to put
your dot on the map.  But that's for a different day.)  Anyway, my dad
is also Type 1 for about 35 years now.  He wasn't too thrilled we were
putting Kayla on the pump and has been steadfastedly against a pump for
himself.  Well, he's been absorbing all the changes in Kayla over the
last few months and Halloween was D-day (decision day) for him.  We
spent a few hours at his house and he saw Kayla pigging out on all that
candy.  I just kept bolusing her for it (shoulda square waved for the
fat...something new to learn) and her bg's didn't go too high.  He was
pouting about not getting to eat the candy and Kayla told him if he had
a pump he could have all the candy he wanted.  :)  So, he asked me about
the infusion sets.  34 years of shots and he's still scared of needles. 
Go figure.  And he's a doctor!  I gave him some samples of the sofset
that came with the pump and a silhouette.  I'm not sure uf he tried them
or not, but he put a call in to his endo and asked about a pump!  And
who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks???  He's been on the
phone with his ins. about pump approval.  My, my, my, miracles can


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