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Re: [IP] Basal and bolus charting

> It's me again - ya know the "newbie". Anyway, could someone PLEASE tell
> me how to download the pumpers chart on the web site. I really need some
> kind of chart to help keep me and my basal and bolus rates straight..
There are a bunch of charts there. Most require only a right mouse 
click on the link, then your browser should put up a menue that has a 
"save" or "save as" option.

Most of these files require a letter quality printer to output the 
file. Best choice is probably to download a 'postscript' document and 
take it to your local Kinkos or other business copy place and have 
them print an original for you on a laser printer. Then you can make 
the copies necessary to make booklets or whatever.

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