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Re: [IP] MiniMed 507C problem?


Thanks for the info on "who to call" at Minimed.  

My problem, once I called Minimed, seemed to be an "old" syringe
I was using (  8/96 ).  Once the gal I talked to a Minimed ran me
through the pump diagnosics and discouvered the pump, etc. worked
alright, she deduced it was a faulty syringe, and had me replace
it with a "newer" ( 3/98 ) one, which seems to have corrected the
problem.  She send me replacement syringes.  Pretty neat, eh?

Johh Huff, Dayton OH
( type 1, dx @ 18 months, now 61 yo, pumping since 9/30/98 )
mailto:email @ redacted
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