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Re: [IP] cold season

Oh Man now we are talking my area..  I work 8pm til 4am...  My nighttime
basals are 7am to 3pm. I am also finding that i use more sugar during my
wide open time which is 8pm to 3am so i am about to adjust that basal
rate as well..  as far as the professionals, i consult them only when i
have a problem as in too many lows or an unexplainable highs. Like as I
speak I am at 250.. which is prob because I ate a beef stick and didnt
account for any carbs.. and there must be some in there someplace. My
professionals are very good and told me there would be days that my bg
is gonna be unexplainable high or low... things happen.. and you gotta
shrug your shoulders and say.. Oh well.. adjust and move on.

  Also.. I have developed a numb spot just above my elbow about 3 inch
square area..  there is some pain as well.. going to primary care doc
Tuesday...  Been there that I have noticed about 3 days..  I know its
not good.. so lay it on me straight... any ideas??


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