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Re: [IP] sheeseeeee

At 11:03 AM 11/5/98  email @ redacted wrote:
>Michael wrote:  
>> sheeseeeee... there's 650 of us trying to figure out what a 
>> is!   heh... heh...
>well...I am NOT the one who's brain cells dribble out of the
>when I sleep
>on my side (SAM!!!)...mine come out of my mouth in a liquid
>and I mistake
>it for drool and wipe it away instead of putting it back where
>need it...

OK. I admit that I reported the brain dribbles over night but,
my wife has been dutifully collecting the fallout and pouring it
back into the other ear every morning. (Since she uses SARAnwrap
to collect the brain dribbles, there still is a Sara
connection).  Although this process helps my mental function
somewhat, it's not doing my hearing any good. 

(Huh?? What did you say??)

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