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Re: [IP] Non-compliance

At 06:37 AM 11/5/98  Bonnie  RICHARDSON wrote:
>Cheers for your Doc for tryingto get his buddies to try to keep

>their insulin in line...and they won't even try!!  He really 
>sounds like a winner.  Yeah we do need big pats on back and
>hugs for the work we do toward taking care of ourselves.
> OK, on the count of three..
>everyone stand up, place your left hand around your left 
>shoulder, place your right hand around you left shoulder and 
>Ahhhhh, you've just been hugged by me. 

Shhh!!! Don't stop, but be careful, my wife may be looking...
In any case, I can't get my arms to move that far (frozen
shoulders), but I'll gladly accept the cyber-hug anyhow. 


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