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[IP] Home Medical/MiniMed

     I called my rep to discuss the lack of service that is occurring since 
     the merger of Home Medical and MiniMed. He has been in discussion with 
     his superiors and said that the problems of delay will be resolved. I 
     let him know that some of the members of IP were very disappointed and 
     frustrated. Maybe you guys might want to make a phone call to the rep 
     who sold you your pump so that you can be heard too. I also let him 
     know that I was disappointed that I was unable to get the new curved 
     Accuchek Advantage test strips. He said something about Walgreens 
     getting first dibs. How ridiculous. Also, the Comport for the 507 that 
     was supposed to be available last month is STILL not available. It 
     will cost around $300. I hope this info helps anyone that may be 
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