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Re: [IP] best thing since sliced bread

Hi Sara --

> Sara dxed age 10 1/2, pumping since 2/93...and wont go back to injections
> until they pry my 507 from my cold dead fingers.

You're a "newbie" and an "oldbie" now aren't you?  I was dx'ed at 18
some 60 years ago, so I've been around DM somewhat longer than you. 
been pumping sine 2/93, a *lot* longer than I have ( 9/30/98 ).  <g>  
gratulations on pumping!  <g>

And I feel the same way about my 507C pump...

John Huff, Dayton OH
( type 1, dx @ 18 months, now 61 yo, pumping since 9/30/98 )
mailto:email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/