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[IP] cold season

Joanne Spotten wrote

> Doesn't this person get the YMWV concept that is so
> true with DM?  ......[SNIP]...Your post made me irritated at 
> the CDE!  It is scary when the medical people can't see that 
> basal rates that give good bgs are right, regardless of what the 
> text book says.

all of which just reiterates my distrust, suspicion and, at times, hatred for
so called "medical professionals" (nothing personal).  This is why I sometimes
refuse to let "them" see my log...knowing fully well that "they" think they
know best, when in fact they don't, but if they actually gave me the time and
attention to explain how my body  works, proven through almost 25 years of
personal scientific observation, they might decide I am NOT a complete idiot
and actually give me some credit...but I won't hold my breath.

Now I warrant perhaps my midnight to 3 am basals are a little higher than the
book says, but my body has a different schedule than most people.  Normal
people eat dinner around 6pm, maybe have a lite snack around 930 or 10 and go
to bed before midnight, whereas, I dont even eat dinner until 9 or 10 or
later...I am still working on day time body speed at midnight...I slow down
LATER than most people, therefore my basal needs drop LATER than most
people...in fact my drop in basal corresponds with when MOST people's basals
are rising for that Dawn thing...YOUR body may be releasing adrenalin etc to
get you ready for the day, but I am just entering REM sleep!!!

granted, I like the doctor this CDE works for VERY much.  The CDE is a nice
guy - he looks like my brother and cute as a button - but nice & cute doesnt
mean he can find veins (but then neither can anyone else...), nice doesnt mean
he wears a pump - in fact he is perfectly HEALTHY, and he seems to rely on his
education and his textbooks more than my experience...

so, i am feeling better now and I am experimenting a little with the basals
just so I can prove him wrong on paper...i love a challenge

Sara (bs=142)
*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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