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RE: [IP] It's Official

Hooray Stacey!!!!!!  It may be a lot easier than you think if your doctor
did a good job at calculating your basals.  It was easy for me from Day
1.....now when I go high it's because I almost forgot I'm diabetic and make
a stupid mistake....like eating and forgetting to bolus.  I usually remember
it when I do my post-prandial BG check but I'd like to be more mindful <G>.
In a couple of days...you'll look at your pump as your little "buddy".
Don't leave home without him!

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> From:	Stacey Phillips [SMTP:email @ redacted]
> Sent:	Thursday, November 05, 1998 12:42 PM
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> Subject:	[IP] It's Official
> Hey guys and gals,
>               It's finally official - I am now pumping for real. I went
> to my endo this morning at 8:00 AM, went to the pump trainer and was
> home by 11:30AM. I was only there for about an hour. It takes roughly
> alittle over an hour to get there and the same back home.
>                I FEEEEEEEELLL GOOOOOD!!!!! Only one needle so far today.
> That's like a breath of fresh air. I want to THANK all of you wonderful
> people for all of the super information that you share with all of us.
> It made today alot easier and much more relaxed. I give all of you a BIG
> HUG for helping me. So far so good, but this is only day one. I know
> that the next few days  will be a challange -  trying to get basal rates
> right, etc. That is the fun part (LOL). I am looking foward to a new
> beginning - getting my life back and not letting diabetes run/ruin my
> life!!!!!!!!!
>                 I'll keep you all posted as to how I am doing. Thanks to
> all that have shared their experiences with me.
> Until later,
> A real happy pumper,
> Stacey
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