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[IP] Pump Supplies in Canada

Hello Fellow Pumpers
I have a question I would like to pose to my fellow Canadian pumpers..
where are you purchasing supplies and what are your approx. costs..

The Newfoundlanders are purchasing supplies from Guardian Pharamacy in
New Brunswick as suggested by Minimed Rep.  ... I was under the
impression that the cost of
supplies were wholesale prices.. but this morning I found out , I was
paying retail prices..
24 sets softset QQ and 24 syringes for 507C costing over 400.00
dollars..is this pricing in line with the rest of Canada or do you have
any other suggestions as to where we can buy supplies..
I am going to mention this to Minimed Rep.. in Montreal.. they informed
my educator/nurse that the supplies should not cost us more than 1200.00
per year.. mine is cost 2000.00 per year at this rate..
Yours in Pumping
You can email me privately if you wish..
email @ redacted
Pumping 7 weeks now
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