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[IP] Pump Bumps

I always use neosporin.  But I always make sure that I get the creme.  When
I remove the site, I put hibistat over the site.  (Close to hibiclens, but
not a soap, just an antibacterial agent) It works better than alcohol. It
doesn't dry out the skin, nor does it sting at all.  Then I put the
neosporin creme on the site.  The cream I find usually has pain relief in
it. Which it doesn't matter, but if you got an itchy site, that helps a
great deal.  This works great for my sites. I get infections quickly
sometimes.  I think that the well water we have is the culprit.  Also note:
that those bumps are probably white blood cells that gathered there to get
rid of that foreign body.

Christene Ullom
"Sell crazy someplace else - we're all stocked up here" - Jack Nicholson
from "As Good As It Gets"

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