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[IP] Falling Down Alot Recently...

Does anyone else have this problem...

In the past couple months my legs seem to give out on me, as if my legs turn
to jello, I loose my muscle control.

This happens also when I trip (I don't always see what's in front of me do
the vision problems) I can't regain my balance, and down I go.

I don't have any new developments in my condition of neuropathy to my feet
and legs (mostly burning) but, I have started on NEURONTIN (1200mg daily).
I took the drug for about a month before I started falling down.  Although,
when I first started on neurontin, I noticed my control in my keyboard
typing, and my mouse movements were shaky and uncontrolled.  This sometimes
caused me to have to stop, and come back to the comuter later.

I don't know if there is a connection between the drug and my problem of
falling down, or if it is just my neuropathy advancing in severity.  Please,
if anyone else has these symptoms, let me know!


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