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Re: [IP] Non-compliance

Cheers for your Doc for tryingto get his buddies to try to keep their insulin in line...and they won't even try!!  He really sounds like a winner.  Yeah we do need big pats on back and many hugs for the work we do toward taking care of ourselves.   Sooooo 

 OK, on the count of three..
everyone stand up, place your left hand around your left shoulder, place your right hand around you left shoulder and 
Ahhhhh, you've just been hugged by me. 

>>> Sam Skopp <email @ redacted> 11/04 6:16 PM >>>
I had my quarterly visit with my endo today... we had a nice
chat. In the course of human events, I mentioned that I've heard
that a lot of doctors get frustrated with patients because they
think that they're non-compliant. That pushed a button with
him... he said that he's been trying to exorcise that term from
the medical profession. (Cheer!!) 

We both agreed that diabetics are not robots that can be
programmed with the "correct" dose and sent on our merry way.
(beep, beep... my name is Robbie the diabetic robot... urk!) In
fact he said that he's asked collegues to try to keep their BG
levels between 90-100 using just a BG meter and dietary control.
So far they've just groaned and refused to take him up on it. It
ain't easy... 

So, we all need to pat ourselves on the back once in awhile...
we do 24 hrs a day / 7 days a week things that virtually no-one
(in their right mind) would do voluntarily... and we're all
still here, doing the best we can, day after day...

My doctor is great... I think I'll keep him awhile!!!


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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/