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Re: [IP] look a gift horse in the mouth

Joseph Diffee wrote:
> Here's another one...
>     I took it upon myself to check with my insurance co. about how to be
> covered for test strips (since we are now covered for strips by law).
> The thing that burns me is if you don't ask, they don't cover.  Older
> people, or anyone for that matter, are sure not to know this info.
> Anyway, I received a letter the other day to say I can get the strips
> BUT I must use a Lifescan One Touch or Sure Step!!!!  They will give me
> one FREE....BUT  I love my Advantage!!!!  Am I looking a gift horse in
> the mouth?!?!?!?  Should I challenge them or just be happy with what I
> have?! Oh well...

Definitely challenge it! I faced the same kind of situation when I started 
my new insurance with BC/BS last year. They sent me another brand of meter 
with an equal number of strips as prescribed. I was running out of strips
for what I use, so I called them back, told them in no uncertain terms that
trhis cheap meter they'd sent me was NOT reasonable for someone who knows 
what meters ARE. So they sent me my strips too late, but I bought some
at the local pharmacy and they waived the co-pay!

They are in business to serve the CUSTOMER'S needs, so identify yourself as 
a customer, not a schmuck!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/