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[IP] RE: Infusion Set Prices

Hello to all fellow pumpers

Please tell me where in the USA, can you buy the Sof-sets QR, or the
Silhouettes?  Here in New Zealand, prices have increased, and there are
only a few pumpers amongst us using the pumps and we need to know where
we can purchase our supplies cheaper.   We have to pay the full price,
as there are no insurance companies that will accept the pump and
accessories- Its pretty tough going here, as getting Lispro ( Humalog)
is another costly problem too.  I would appreciate any reliable sources
that you fellow pumpers use, and if you know that they would sell to us
directly here in New Zealand, would be excellent. 
Feel free to email private if you prefer.
Lynette Parker ( wife of a IDDDM 21yrs on M/med 507)

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