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Re: [IP] Thank you

They will stop your longer acting insulins so that there will be no
confusion between the old stuff and pump dose.  They will not, however, let
your bgs go high, but will give you short (probably humalog since it is the
shortes) acting insulin in the meantime.  You should not have DKA or Ketones
or even terrible highs although you might run into some of those during the
period you are trying to adjust your doses.  Whether or not you do will
depend on how well they can guess your body needs, how well you caluculate
and dose for meals, and etc.  Those highs and lows will be easy to fix but
it will probably take a few weeks to entirely set your basals.  Usually,
most of the fine tuning is still closer to control than the injection method

> My other fear is according to what I have read I will stop my U 48 hours
> and my L 24 hours before hook up, makes me very worried about keytones
> and DKA is this something you all went through also?.
>     Sorry if I appear paranoid I just have a great 11 year old who I
> don't want to put through any scary emergencies if I don't have to.
> Thank you again and please take care as you are not replaceable
> Laura
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