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Re: [IP] look a gift horse in the mouth

   Melissa was "test driving" an Accucheck Complete & then decided she didn't
like it (hey when you're 15, the difference between waiting 20 seconds versus
45 seconds IS a big deal!!!)...I think the strips are also used for the
Advantage. If so, I have EIGHT BOXES of 100 sitting here unused, which were
already paid for and/or given with the meter.  Send me your snail mail address
& you can have them........Any "takers" for our surplus Tegaderm (since she
just uses the Silhouette sets without any additional coverage) or our lancet
collection ( since she....well, guess you can all figure THAT one out....when
you never change the lancets, your supply lasts forever!!!)...So far, our
insurance has covered all of our needs, which isn't so for everyone, so I'd
rather share our surplus than see it sit here unused.  

Regards, Renee
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