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Re: [IP] look a gift horse in the mouth


I think you should definitely challenge it.


Joseph Diffee wrote:

> Here's another one...
>     I took it upon myself to check with my insurance co. about how to be
> covered for test strips (since we are now covered for strips by law).
> The thing that burns me is if you don't ask, they don't cover.  Older
> people, or anyone for that matter, are sure not to know this info.
> Anyway, I received a letter the other day to say I can get the strips
> BUT I must use a Lifescan One Touch or Sure Step!!!!  They will give me
> one FREE....BUT  I love my Advantage!!!!  Am I looking a gift horse in
> the mouth?!?!?!?  Should I challenge them or just be happy with what I
> have?! Oh well...
> -Tonya D.  :-)
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