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[IP] Humalog concerns

Hello...I read your concerns about the Humalog and the pump, and felt I could chip in here.
    I was using Humalog and Ultralente prior to going on the pump on October 1. I have found that I am extremely sensitive to exercise when H is in my system. When I only took it before meals, it presented little problem. Probably because I never went running with a full stomach. But now that I have a constant flow of the stuff, even a brisk walk down the street or yardwork can send me crashing.
    I talked with my doctor--who is on the pump and also exercises frequently--and he suggested simply disconnecting before, during and after exercise, taking snacks, testing frequently, etc. It is just the usual routine when I bike, play basketball, or run. I have heard others mention the same problem with H in the pump. I talked to one man who switched to using buffered R in the pump for that very reason.
    On the better side, H sure does work fast when you need it. Good luck with the pump!
Greg, age 29, Seattle