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Re: [IP] Home Medical/MNMD

   Ok...add me to your growing list of complaints.  Decided to switch to
Minimed for our supplies ( right before this thread got started
unfortunately)...Did get the infusion sets and the Precision strips, but
realized 2 days later I never did get the batteries I'd also ordered and
PREPAID (the 20%) for.  Also didn't realize that due to my own humongous
medical bills this year, I've met our family deductible & shouldn't have had
to pay anything..but someone else already mentioned this same issue & how they
were told to pay regardless.  Oh for the days of actual SERVICE from a
company. Sigh.....Glad to hear you wrote to them, so when I call to complain
tomorrow & they use the old "gee no one ever complained before", I'll KNOW
it's not so!!! LOL

Regards, Renee
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