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[IP] um...this is gross

Ummm...I seem to be developing this really nice upper respiratory
infection.  I am stubbornly waiting to see if it will go away by itself
before I run to the dr like I usually do.  I've always thought any sign
of infection, we "diabetics" should go to the doc.but...  Tonight at
work my eye feels gross so I dig in the corner and there is (lots of)
green stuff?!?!?!?!?  I, as Sara, do NOT like anything dealing with my
eyes!!!!!!!  What's 'yalls opinion?!?  All my co-workers said it may
just clear up by itself?!?  I know you all are gonna tell me to quit
being stubborn (and go to the doc.)...aren't you?  :-)
-Tonya D.

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