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[IP] Carbohydrate Counting


I have a list which started as one of the carbohydrate ratio
listings that have been mentioned.  To this I have added and
deleted to suit my diet.  Each item has the carb ratio,
protein ratio, MY SERVING, and the resultant gm counts for
carbs and protein.  This is good because my serving size
doesn't agree with many others.  I have also measured out
and calculated the ratios for some "combination dishes."  

I suspect your problem will be knowing what is in that
mystery casserole.  Perhaps you can get some guidence from
the cooks or food service manager.  Another approach is to
make your best guess and record what happened.  Then you
will know whether your guess was high or low.  This way the
next time they serve the same stuff, you'll be better


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Subject: [IP] Re: Carbohydrate counting

     Adam, the carbohydrate "guides" that I've used are
great to help learn 
     about carb counting, but unless you carry a scale
and/or measuring cup 
     with you to every meal, they have their limits!:-)  If
you're trying 
     to figure out carb content in dorm food, I'd recommend
talking with 
     someone in the food service organization.  In the case
of a large 
     university like UofW, there's probably a dietician on
staff that helps 
     "design" the menus.  Explain your situation and ask if
they can 
     provide a carb count for many of the meals.
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