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Re: [IP] Thank you

At 04:03 PM 11/4/98  GTE/notebook wrote:
>Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome.
>    I am still getting hooked up in December and have my first 
>pre pump
>appt on the 18th, of this month. My poor tummy is going to be 
>real happy
>about the lack of injections :0).

I just got connected this past June, so I can relate to your
concerns. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your tummy
won't be getting that big of a break... now you'll have infusion
sets instead of needles. Oh well... But, you only need to change
every 3 days or so... that's an improvement. Please pay
attention to cleanliness... site infections are always a worry.
I use a product called Hibiclens (that's just one brand name)
then I use IV-prep (an alcohol based product). Alcohol by itself
is not good enough to catch all those nasty bugs. 

>I have a new question I have read at various sites that H is a 
>problematic for the pump, currently it is what I use along with
>and L.
>My H last me about 25-28 days out of the fridge and I am 
>wondering is
>there any reason it would not last just as long in the pump or
>all but your insulin back in the refrigerator after filling
>    Does anyone on the list have or has had problems with H and


There's been lots of discussion about Humalog here. There seems
to be a consensus that it is much more heat-sensitive than the
other flavors. However, for the 3 days that it will spend in the
insulin reservoir of the pump, it should be OK. I've also heard
that it's not a good idea to continuously move the Humalog back
and forth from the fridge to room temperature, since that
encourages air to be absorbed and therefore will produce more
bubbles. Since usually a bottle of Humalog will only be used for
a few weeks, it may not hurt to keep it at room temperature as
long as it is not too hot (no warmer than the 70's). But, the
jury may still be out on that one...  Just remember that 80% of
us in this group are pumping Humalog, and loving it. 

>My other fear is according to what I have read I will stop my U

>48 hours
>and my L 24 hours before hook up, makes me very worried about 
>and DKA is this something you all went through also?.

The transition between the long-acting insulins and just Humalog
can be a little scary. You'll need to be prepared to give
multiple injections of short-acting insulin (like Regular or
Humalog) to keep you going... even if if means getting up at 3
am and 6am to do it. Test as often as you can to make sure that
you're on track. You may be still a little high the morning of
Pump-Day, but it should keep you away from DKA. Once you start
pumping it'll all straighten itself out.

>    Sorry if I appear paranoid I just have a great 11 year old 
>who I
>don't want to put through any scary emergencies if I don't have


You are not paranoid... I had all the same questions myself. In
fact I posted lots of concerns like this one in the 6 weeks
before getting connected (I was a real pest). Just try to relax
(easier said than done)... use this group to ask questions and
take what you learn back to your medical team. You'll find that
many of them are just learning all this stuff too.


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