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[IP] Thank you

Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome.
    I am still getting hooked up in December and have my first pre pump
appt on the 18th, of this month. My poor tummy is going to be real happy
about the lack of injections :0).
I have a new question I have read at various sites that H is a little
problematic for the pump, currently it is what I use along with U and L.
My H last me about 25-28 days out of the fridge and I am wondering is
there any reason it would not last just as long in the pump or do you
all but your insulin back in the refrigerator after filling your pump?.
    Does anyone on the list have or has had problems with H and the
My other fear is according to what I have read I will stop my U 48 hours
and my L 24 hours before hook up, makes me very worried about keytones
and DKA is this something you all went through also?.
    Sorry if I appear paranoid I just have a great 11 year old who I
don't want to put through any scary emergencies if I don't have to.

Thank you again and please take care as you are not replaceable

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