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[IP] Home Medical/MNMD

I have also been having problems with what was once a great company...I even
wrote Terry Gregg, the CEO, a letter, and I am sure you can all imagine how
delicately and gently I voiced my concerns...

    Minimed stock may be soaring and Miss America may be your new 
    poster child, but I am putting some of your employees’ children through 
    college on the amount of money I spend with you.  I think I deserve 
    better service!

But over all, it was a very to the point letter.  I also sent a copy to my
friend/CDE who works there (Gerri) and she had me send it to the Florida rep -
JT - soe of you may know him.  I have had no response from him or Terry.

I have been collecting your negative comments about the change in
service...and may put together another letter.  I won't use anyone's real
name, but perhaps the collective voices of the IP list may be able to help
alleviate some of the problems...

4 of my last 8 orders have been sent to my mother's house, despite me having
changed my address over a year ago...the pharmacy part of Home Medical - I
mean Minimed, used a different computer system and when you update your
address with one, it doesnt automatically updte the other...so I have gone
back and forth with the pharmacy and the pump supplies people trying to get my
addresses fixed to no avail...My latest order, DID make it without a detour to
my mom's house, but it was delayed due to their playing telephone tag with me
to verify my order and then waiting while they verify insurance crap they have
had for almost 6 years.

Change is good, but good service is better in my opinion.

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