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[IP] Good for a laugh...

Carol, Betsy and Bonnie:

Thanks for the nice words 8-)   I am glad my comments are appreciated...and
the bonus of making your boss wonder what a "sara" is, is even better - my own
boss is trying to figure this one out...

I don't really aim to be funny when I write - I guess its just how the world
affects me...and if it didnt make ya laugh, it would make ya cry...can we talk
about how much I HATE MY INSURANCE COMPANY...no...we won't..  I also apologize
to anyway who thinks I am offensive and a bad role model...cuz I am.

and Bonnie:  I have never tried chicken soup with tabasco and lemon, but it
sounds interesting...so what the heck!!  I'll give it a shot (so to speak)

Sara - who is grateful to Sam, Ted and Randall for carrying some of the humor
load...even if they are men - and that is not meant as a sexist remark...
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