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[IP] Insulin usage

Harriet wrote:
>You probably will not believe this -- I didn't at first.  I received a letter
>from my insurance company (they should all roast in hell) that according to
>some vague criteria I was using TOO MUCH INSULIN!!!. -- or more than the
>average diabetic.  The result of this would be that I would receive less
>insulin per prescription!

Hmmmm....If I'm not mistaken, wouldn't 50% of all diabetics use more insulin 
than the average diabetic?

While I can't believe that professionally-licensed pharmacists can actually live
with rules like these, I generally respond in this way:
1) I talk to a real pharmacist (not customer service, not a pharm tech) at my 
mail-order pharmacy and LAUGH at them for having stupid rules like this without 
them having any supporting info on my physical size, calorie intake, insulin 
absorbtion characteristics, etc.  Complaining does no good.
2) train my endo's staff to write the prescriptions EXACTLY as needed for 
getting past these stupid rules.  For example, "6x/day" isn't enough info for my
test strips.  I actually have to multiply 6 x 90 days and have the MD write the 
Rx for 540 strips.  If the Rx says 6/day they send a box of 50.  Same with 

Very frustrating sometimes, but I just try to keep in mind that I really am 
thankful I have coverage.

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