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Re: [IP] cold season

> Anyway...the CDE asked to see my log and I let him and he gave me the 3rd
> degree about my basal rates...which, except for the last week while I have
> been sick...have been pretty reliable... I was waking up at 3 am in the
> 130-150 range and waking up at 9 in the 100-140 range which is what I
> want...He was concerned that my 12-4am basal was .6, then I dropped to .4
> until 9am whn I picked up to .7...OH NOOOO  not right according to doctors
> text book - the fact that it works for me be damned.

Sara - what on earth were you doing following the CDE's advice against
your own instincts???? I know you're ill - but come on, do you think the
guy has some sort of divine knowledge about your body's metabolism that
has somehow escaped your attention over the last 20 years?

Keep your peck up - I've had a bit of something this week. Not
materialised into a proper cold, but it's thrown my basals around a bit.

Regarding flu jabs: I last had one in 1990, and then proceded to have
mild flu from October thru till April. Ah well. Ya live and learn.

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