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Re: [IP] insulin dosges (was cold season)

> You probably will not believe this -- I didn'nt at first.  I received a letter
> from my insurance company (they should all roast in hell) that according to
> some vague criteria I was using TOO MUCH INSULIN!!!. -- or more than the
> average diabetic.  The result of this would be that I would receive less
> insulin per prescription! 
> When I called the company a pharmacist called back and said that they were
> doing this for my own good to prevent hypoglycemia and to make sure that I
> visited my doctor regurlarly.  She assured me that I would get all the insulin
> that I needed (???) but that my doctor would have to justify it.
> My husband thinks that I am paranoid (just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean
> they're not out to get me) but the only reason I could think of for them doing
> this is that they think I am actually taking less insulin and selling (or
> giving it away) to diabetics who don't have insusrance.  By the way m-- they
> just raised our premiums 25%.

There are 7 calls you need to make since the insurance company is 
clearly practicing medicine without a liscense

Call your state and federal congressmen
Call your state and federal senators
Call the ADA legal team
Call the state insurance commissioners office
Call your local newspaper

This is the kind of crap (pardon my french) that needs to be fought 
publicaly and with a loud voice.

email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/