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Re: [IP] insulin dosges (was cold season)

Dear Sara,

You probably will not believe this -- I didn'nt at first.  I received a letter
from my insurance company (they should all roast in hell) that according to
some vague criteria I was using TOO MUCH INSULIN!!!. -- or more than the
average diabetic.  The result of this would be that I would receive less
insulin per prescription! 

When I called the company a pharmacist called back and said that they were
doing this for my own good to prevent hypoglycemia and to make sure that I
visited my doctor regurlarly.  She assured me that I would get all the insulin
that I needed (???) but that my doctor would have to justify it.

My husband thinks that I am paranoid (just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean
they're not out to get me) but the only reason I could think of for them doing
this is that they think I am actually taking less insulin and selling (or
giving it away) to diabetics who don't have insusrance.  By the way m-- they
just raised our premiums 25%.

What do you think?

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