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Re: [IP] cold season

Love ya!  I have never gotten a flu shot either (scared to even talk about this) and my doc keeps saying get one, and I keep saying I never had it, why put that virus in my system.  If I ever get it I will get a flu shot from then on.  I am extremely healthy and like you don't want to tempt the gods.    You just keep on doing what your feel is right.   
I can't believe your doctor trying to match you to a book - geez, you were doing fine, specially with a bad cold.   I am hoping you learned that you don't need him!   
I hope you are feeling a bit better, remember chickin soup w/ lemon and tabasco really works!! Wishing you well!

>>> <email @ redacted> 11/04 9:11 AM >>>
Hi kids.. I have been kinda inactive, mainly due to a whopper of a cold I am
just getting over...I even went to the doctor i felt so horrible - despite
feeling guilty cuz of my F&$#ing insurance...I was just nervous that my wall
shaking cough might make my eye bleed, so I went

they checked me over and said I just had a cold...no flu, and they didnt ask
if i wanted the shot (even though they have signs up all over the place).  I
have not had a flu shot since I was in Junior high, and except for a good case
of bronchitis 2 years that the doctor seemed to think was gonna turn into
pneumonia, I havent had more than the averge run of the mill winter cold...so
why screw with the average...more people tell me about how sick they got AFTER
the shot so heck with it...of course, now I will get the flu and you will all
say "told ya so..."

Anyway...the CDE asked to see my log and I let him and he gave me the 3rd
degree about my basal rates...which, except for the last week while I have
been sick...have been pretty reliable... I was waking up at 3 am in the
130-150 range and waking up at 9 in the 100-140 range which is what I
want...He was concerned that my 12-4am basal was .6, then I dropped to .4
until 9am whn I picked up to .7...OH NOOOO  not right according to doctors
text book - the fact that it works for me be damned.  He said I was way over-
insulinating me in those wee hours and that I needed MORE not less in those
dawnish hours...  he told me to change to .2 from 11pm to 3 am and then .8
until 8am...My eyeballs poked out when he said that..I said "I will meet you
in ER, buddy"  

Of course, i realized I am still sick throughout all this, but I changed the
basals the next day and that night went to bed around 1130 (I am sick) at 148.
woke up at 130 am at 485...I bolused on the VERY conservative side only to
crash to 44 at 3am...ate dex tabs, and rebounded to 282 by 5 am, covered
conservatively for that and crashed to 55 around 630....Needless to say, I put
all my basals back where they were and decided he was a fool and I was still
sick and I would leave everything alone until I feel better.  He was an idiot
to suggest I fiddle around with these things while i was sick for one, and
such drastic changes, JUST CUZ I DONT MATCH HIS FREAKING TEXTBOOK, are stupid
and not worthy of my consideration...

so I am feeling better now, and am actually gonna go to the gym, since I
havent gone in a week, and my workouts are still coming in at $19.44....and I
woke up this am at 101...so there

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]
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